Ruho / Abhartach - Split

RVDS-03 - RUHO / ABHARTACH - Split 10" MLP

More information TBA. Sample available here.


Flail - Distant Wanderings

RVDS-02 - FLAIL - Distant Wanderings 12" MLP

A new EP from Flail, depressive esoteric black metal
in the vein of Strid and Selvhat. Withering despair and distant echoes.
Co-released with Gramschap. Single-sided vinyl with insert.

Listen here.


Ruho - The Devout Thrum

RVDS-01 - RUHO - The Devout Thrum 12" LP

Second album of Ruho available on vinyl.
Finnish black metal wrought from sights of demise and barren remains.
Co-released with Triumph of Death. Comes with a 12-page booklet.

Listen here.

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